Trauma Release Exercises

Re Balancing and TRE

TRE is a popular new self-help approach that assists the body to release inner tensions and find greater balance; thus building resilience and creating wellbeing.
I first learnt about TRE when it was introduced to my local community to assist people following the impact of devastating bushfires. I personally practise TRE and find it beneficial for my own wellbeing.

What is TRE?   

TRE stands for Trauma or Tension Releasing or Regulating Exercises.
Overall, it is a self-help method first devised by Dr David Berceli, PhD (2008). It involves doing a series of exercises that are different to what you might have experienced before in that their purpose is to induce a tremoring response in the body. These body tremors are a normal physiological means to release stored physical energy and protective patterns of muscle activity and thus return the body to a more relaxed and balanced state. They involve a more primitive part of the brain that regulates our automatic body responses such as heart and breathing rates, temperature, digestion and readiness to respond to our environment and act in ways to keep us safe. While tremoring is essentially involuntary; we can easily start and stop tremors when we need to because we can override the tremors through our neocortex or “thinking brain”.
If you’d like to learn more about the neuroscience in layman’s terms, see this excellent 5 minute animation,

Benefits of TRE

Practising TRE; starting and stopping the tremoring process enables us to better attune to what we notice is happening in our bodies and minds such as feeling tired, hot, emotional or discomfort in particular body tissues or regions; all of which can be signals to stop, rest and resume when the feeling has settled. This enables us to understand and take better care of ourselves and to release tensions in a safe and graduated way. Some of the benefits reported by people who use TRE are:

  • improved relaxation
  • better sleep
  • reduced pain
  • reduced  stress responses
  • improved core stability
  • more energy & vitality

How can I learn TRE?

Denise is a global certified TRE provider. (See She provides one-on-one sessions at her Humevale clinic or via secure teleconference where you can learn the TRE process and further develop your tremoring according to individual responses. At the beginning, It is important that you understand how TRE works and can be best used according to your needs. Sometimes an initial osteo/physio session can be useful to gain a more thorough assessment of your physical and medical background. Where appropriate, Denise also uses hands-on techniques during the session to complement the tremoring process. The aim is for you to feel confident and ready to practise TRE effectively at home as part of your self-care plan. 

Preparation for the TRE Session:

There is much to learn about TRE and if you’d like more information or the opportunity to see people tremoring in individual ways go to the TRE Australia website:  
Health Check: It is important that Denise knows something of your general medical and social background that is appropriate considering her background as a health professional. Confidentiality will be maintained.
If you haven’t had a prior consultation with Denise, you will be required to complete a Health Check Form. This will be sent to you before your session for you to complete and return or bring with you on the day.
Wear comfortable loose clothing and a water bottle is recommended. Allow 60 minutes for the session and some extra time afterwards (10 minutes) to settle before heading off.

Call or email Denise to make an enquiry or book online
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Bercelli, D. (2008). The Revolutionary Trauma Release Process: Transcend Your Toughest Times. Vancouver, Canada: Namaste Publishing.