Small group day sessions 

  It’s time to move forward... 

*Release protective patterns & tension held in the body    
*Restore & fine-tune body awareness & inner knowing    
*Reconnect to your true self: body, mind, and soul  

Join us in a relaxed country setting to experience 3 profound personal development & wellbeing activities:

TRE (Trauma/Tension Release Exercises). 

TRE involves doing a series of exercises to induce a tremoring response in the body. These body tremors are a normal physiological means to release stored physical energy and patterns. You will learn to release tensions in a safe and graduated way and thus return the body to a more relaxed and balanced state. 

Equine Experiential Learning.

HorseTime: Healthy horses that live in a herd are mostly in a state of relaxation and awareness but always ready to move and respond to others and the environment. Joining the herd helps us to remain present and aware; thus opening up possibilities for us to learn more about ourselves. 

Alexander Technique

AT is a technique which promotes increased mind/body awareness enabling you to be present and think and move in a more coordinated, integrated way; with improved poise and balance. Learn skills to release unnecessary tension thereby allowing greater freedom of movement and experience a renewed sense of well- being.

WHERE        20 Austins Road, Humevale (near Whittlesea)
TIME             9 am to 4.30pm
COST           $242 per person. There are only 6 places.
A vegetarian lunch (soups and salads) is included. *Variety of teas and coffee and milks provided. *Parking on site.

2021 DATES
Sunday 29 August
Sunday 26 September

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To book your place contact Denise on 0467 574 050 or