Horse Time

HorseTime involves stepping outdoors to share time and space with a herd of horses. You are invited to experience their world, social structure, and way of being.

At Humevale, we have set up our property to enable the horses to live together as naturally as possible, based on the work of Jaimie Jackson (2016).

Unlike humans who are constantly thinking, planning, and analysing; horses’ primary need is for safety and they remain continually tuned into surroundings. Hence, they live in the present- mostly in a state of relaxation and awareness (even while grazing) but they are always ready to move in response to a signal from a herd member or potential threat. Entering into HorseTime opens up possibilities for us to learn about ourselves, our situations, and how we might be assisted to feel better, and manifest the life we desire.  

Equine Experiential Learning (EEL) is a model whereby clients spend time with horses, with the aim of gaining information and insight, and through support and coaching by a trained EEL facilitator, develop greater sense of balance, wellbeing, and resilience.
To learn more about the modality of EEL see

Reasons for seeking a HorseTime session?

  • To gain greater clarity about an issue or decision that is important to you
  • To learn more about yourself and your relationships
  • Feeling stuck in a situation or recurring pattern.
  • Wanting a fresh approach or new perspective
  • Wanting to feel better- physically and /or emotionally
  • Build resilience- based on Somatic Experiencing approach (Peter Levine 1997, 2010), which aligns closely to EEL. To learn more about the neuroscience behind this approach, see   and

About a HorseTime Session

Participation is by choice– for both horses and humans. No prior experience with horses is needed; there is no riding or teaching of horsemanship skills.
Anyone 18 years or older can participate, including those who are fearful of horses: speak to Denise if you have any mobility concerns. Anyone under 18 years: speak to Denise about attending with a responsible adult.

What do I need? Wear closed shoes; dress for the weather- it can be cold and windy at Humevale so prepare with layers, a hat, sunscreen, and water bottle.

Time: Allow 1 hour 15 minutes for your first session, and 1 hour  for subsequent sessions. More is achieved when we go slowly. We follow HorseTime, or the herd’s rhythms, which give our nervous systems time to process and change. A small incremental shift can yield big changes.  
When coaching for resilience, we recommend 3 follow–up sessions in order to establish new neuropathways and re-train your nervous system to achieve a more balanced state.

Call or email Denise to make an enquiry or book an appointment
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Levine, P. (2010). In An Unspoken Voice; How the Body Releases Trauma and Restores Goodness. Berkeley, California: North Atlantic Books.