About Denise

Denise is Highly Qualified

Denise is a physiotherapist and osteopath with extensive clinical and academic experience. Currently, she works in private practice in Humevale.​

"Everyone has a journey that leads them to seek help from a particular practitioner at a particular time. It’s important that we work together toward common health needs and goals. What I have to offer is a new perspective, a broad skillset and truly holistic approach".

Working with people with chronic pain or recovering from trauma or life stresses has guided Denise toward integrating additional self-empowering strategies into her treatment approaches; this includes

  • Breathing Retraining
  • Trauma Release Exercises (TRE) and
  • Equine Experiential Learning (EEL) or HorseTime. Horses have been an important part of Denise’s life since childhood and she shares her property at Humevale with a herd of 6 horses and 2 ponies. Growing awareness of horse-human interaction and the role that horses can play in the healing process has led Denise to incorporate EEL into her practice approach.

Each of these therapeutic approaches is science-based and tailored to individual needs. Find out more…



Doctor of Philosophy (Victoria University)
Graduate Certificate in Tertiary Education (Victoria University)
Diploma of Osteopathy (Honours) (London)
Bachelor of Applied Science (Physio) (Melbourne)
Breathing Educator (Level 2)
TRE Provider: Level 2 Global Certification
Equine Experiential Facilitator Training:  Foundation, Working with Individuals, and Intermediate Courses

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